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Sanskrit word “Jyoti” means “Light”. Jyotisha means “Path of Light for Life”. “Jyotish” translates to “Astrology” in English.

Jyotish throws light on the dark areas of our life and opaque future which is yet to unravel in front of us. Jyotish Dekho™ enables you to See and cleverly adopt the path of light for life to achieve unwavering success and fulfillment in life!

Experience the Marvel of Astrology

Constellation of stars and planets from billions of miles away constantly interacting with us

Wise people decode the meaning of such interactions and foresee your future with the help of mind blowing science of Astrology!

Consult the best Astrologers on Jyotish Dekho

Interact with the best Astrologers of JYOTISH DEKHO™ who immersed themselves in to the study of time and its influence on human lives along with the trend.

Industry first Video Call with integrated Audio Call & Chat with the best Astrologers!


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Your Best Guide to Finding the Right Astrology Consultancy for You

Jyotish Dekho Online Astrology consulting services helps our clients to save time, money and pain to find good quality Astrologers amid hustle and bustle of city life Jyotish Dekho ensures every listed Astrologer is 100% verified and subjected to series of interviews & screening by our panel of expert Astrologers at Jyotish Dekho.

Online Astrology Consultation

Discover Your Path to Success: Horoscope Consulting with the Best Online Astrologers, Know your way to success via online chat or call with best online astrologers


A Fusion of Science and Mysticism: Select your lucky Gem Stone based on your Kundli with expert online advice


Align personal & business names with your destiny number for envious success!

Matrimony Match

Matrimony Match by Expert Online Astrologer @ Jyotish : Unveiling Cosmic Compatibility

Financial Astrology

Achieve your financial dreams, property, wealth with your destined path in Kundli

Vaastu / Feng Shui

Harness the power of five elements compatible with your Kundli for best results

Why Choose Us

Only the best Astrologers at Jyotish Dekho™ can decode the secrets hidden in your birth chart with more than 100,000+ combination of possible outcomes!








Read the enlightening blogs and articles on Astrology to enrich yourself with knowledge and wisdom from India’s top Astrologers at JyotishDekho.Com

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Live Chat, Audio, Video call with Astrologer online for Horoscope Predictions, Marriage Match, Tarot reading, Vastu Numerology and much more…


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